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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Greetings!!! And Happy 2008

Detour from your usual bloggers, let me type something but before that, HAPPY 2008!!! This'll be the year where most of us grad, signifying our entry to the working world. Therefore, let's study hard... and play hard!

It's been a couple of months since we've all arrived back in Malaysia. How's everyone doing right now? I'm alright here, some hiccups and mishaps here and there but nothing not manageable.

So far we had 2 big gatherings, didn't we? Teluk Gong dinner, and Aaron + Prav's birthday dinner!!! Happy Birthday guys. And of course... the latest to join the 21st crew... CK and Brenda. Rock on.

Memories will always be there guys. We'll see each other again soon.

Siu come KL quick!!! No more delay, must see you around this coming Wednesday okay!? Haha. And Yao!!! We'll have post-CNY dinner together, all of us... when we are back in Melbourne. I promise this! =)


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

May God Bless u..

Today, the plans of going to the beach was struck with a blow when we were all told last night that Siu's granddad was in critical condition where he's brains were dead and could not survive any longer..
so the rest of us really juz sat down and think of ways to help her get back to Malaysia as soon as possible..AS SOON AS TODAY!!! Honestly we really couldnt do much besides getting her to call various airlines to try her luck and get a ticket prob with any airlines cz her half year ticket class were limited to a REALLY REALLY SMALL number of allocated seats in the plane...she had problem since august to actually get a seat to get back home in she ought not to change her 30 December flight ppl check ur flight ticket class before u its really a hassle to get a class where there are limited siu's case it was rather because she held a 6 months ticket..n in cases like this its rather catastrophic to not get a ticket when u know ur love one back home is gonna leave and u wont be able to see em again :(
So with all the prayers that we could only make, she managed to get a flight ticket back home at 4am in the morning...THANK YOU LORD!!!!!how gorgeous are ur miracles honestly!!YOU have never failed to provide us with all the needs that we ought to seek at times like this...THANK YOU her flight was scheduled at 3.40pm with a couple of friends on the same flight aka briget (mel correct me if im wrong) and alison.. this morning, nick and jimmy helped siu out with her luggage that they had to carry all the way to the city cz she had to change her mel and prav went down to the city to help her out with that as well...once the ticket was done, prav and mel accompanied siu to the airport using the SKYBUS at southern cross..vist for more details...
prices are as follow: one way = AUS$15 two way = AUS$24

This service is really worth and cheap for travelers to actually would like to transfer from the airport to the city or city to airport conveniently...a taxi from the airport will be cost you ranging AUS$70 - AUS$125 depending on where u want to go from or to the airport!! it was so convenient that the stop at southern cross was located central to the city where u can take the tram or train to travel around MELBOURNE at point of arrival in the city...
So with siu mel and prav heading to the airport, me and ck headed down to the city to take the skybus to the airport to send her off as well...william came later as we helped her check her luggage in, waited with her till she checked in and at 2.40pm...BON VOYAGE...take care and have a safe trip...Siu, your family and ya will always be in our prayers and we know that God has a great plan for your granddad...i had the same fate few years back that i had to let my grandma go cz she was suffering from Alzheimer..that my family had no choice but let her go with God to guide her journey to Heaven and provide her the freedom that she was deprived for almost 10 take care siu and ull always be in our hearts..
Other than siu, our big man YC also leaves us tonight...he's taking the 12am flight..we'll miss u dearly YC!!hope u miss us too...catch u back in kl yea!!
Anyway here are some pics for both of ya...


Sunday, November 11, 2007

The well missed Meat Boy.....

We're gonna miss u Donghee....

its juz so gonna be different with u not around to laugh bout and the jokes we can crank out with ur words and actions....its juz will feel different...with hari already u...sigh...holidays without the both of u is just different...especially summer man!! with so many thing planned many quotes made and jokes laughed at...itll be a memorable semester for me and the rest who just arrived this sem with u around to tour guide us around melbourne and providing me ck and praevin a place to stay while we were homeless when we arrived back in June...thank you very much donghee...have a good summer break and see u back in malaysia mate!make sure u pack ur 'hardcore books' properly, 'camwar' a lot during ur holidays. hope u enjoyed ur 'banana filter' during the not so surprised birthday...and most importantly avoid from getting 'blooding' at all cause ok! cheers mate...haha...still laughing at those moments...unforgettable...classic!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

weekend after exams...

surprisingly...we're suppose to be so hyped up about exams being over and all..but it doesn't seem to be so cz some of our members were still having exams, ex. Joey and Melissa..but Joey finished yesterday so that was nice..but mel only finishes next that we still kinda have to wait for her to finish her exams before we start any programs or trips around melb...we still have many places to explore this state of Victoria...unbelievably huge i would say..yeah!!!we still have Philip Island, Peninsular for the beach- heard its great, the Melbourne zoo and for the girls-shopping...actually i have some shopping to do myself...and some of us are planning to work for this sem so we need the cash...for all this small little trips which will amount to a lump sum at the end of it...expecially with the big bill to settle for the Gold Coast trip...sigh...yea ppl will be leaving out of the country one by one starting next week..with Melbourne Uni exams finishing soon..soon the overpopulated Melbourne with Asians will settle without them for summer...i bet u they'll be so pleased not to have us around grabbing their summer jobs..

So, to what we did yesterday...we went for Sereen's birthday dinner at MEAT AND WINE CO along the Yarra River...though it was pricy and was a well worth meal...the rib eye was so juicy and tasty that it takes long to even gobble down each cube of em...haha...i felt the mid rare steak were rather rare at some parts especially the middle part of the steak...a few other dishes ordered by the rest were the salmon steak, grilled chicken and some german sausage..but all were good! i would honestly recommend everyone to go to this place for dinner...a GREAT PLACE FOR FINE DINNING THIS ONE!!!!

Steak recommendation volume intake:
Ladies (big eaters) and gentlemens.....go for the 600gram steak
Ladies who wanna cut down for weight control...take the 300 itll be more than enough!!

Next we headed to the Crown Casino...some shopped..some gambled and some stoned at the food court waiting...haha...That done, most of us went home except me praevin and william...we headed to Seven Club...a rough night man i must say..cuz i was already warned by Derek that we needed to head down to the club early before 11 to be able to enter the club cz its gonna be a jam pack night with most universities have started with their summer holidays and an end to the exams for the yea..not so good..met joseph there..then got his keys and drank a bottle we bought over to kick start the night before we entered..while the queue was getting longer that expected..we drank and got our things to jo's car and headed to the line!by then the line wasnt moving at all..and we waited from 11.50 till 1 before we could actually step into the premise..gosh!i couldnt imagine how f**ed up it would have been lining up for an hour and not entering yea night lasted till 3 plus and headed back home...but thank you so much DEREK so much for bringing us in for the night....owe u big time man...U really tried ur best to bring everyone in to the club that night and its i know its hard cz its not for u to i wanna thank you again for all the help...cheers to u mate!

~ aaron ~

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A day of ups and downs..

EXAMs are over!!!!!!!woohoo.....ok's the time summers arriving..and the time PARTYs starting..its juz gonna be so awesome with so many things in mind..especially with the coming Parkerbains Gold Coast trip coming out...not all our members are going for it..partly some are attending this summer trip which is juz days away from today...YAY!!haha..trips on the Nov 26th-29th of Nov...this is the time where Aus high schools seniors graduate and have their summer party in gold coast as there's gonna be so many ppl and its gonna be so overpopulated at Gold Coast...but that said well see more chicks and wackos on the beach...arhemm...thats part of the highlights of the trip...prav's getting worked up for this...haha...ok bout TODAY...exams ended approximately 12.45 pm...and then headed to KFC for lunch then b to the is the day where our wing man, Hariharan Baithma Jothi...
leaves us to return home to dearest KL to surprise his parents and family for Deepavali..juz so exciting to hear what he was planning to do when he arrives at KLIA the next he finishes packing his stuff and left straight for the city to get something for his family members while the others got some rest and get ready to head down to the city for his farewell dinner at Universal Pizza and then sent him to Teokys place to get his luggage to head to the airport..after he left we went to fredo's to get some GELATOs (durians is a BOMB really) those of u who havent tried u get some of it...FREDOs Gelatos...cant get it in Malaysia...anyway, though its juz an ordinary farewell cz were still gonna see him b in malaysia...but it still a sad and missing feeling that got into all of us that day once he left in the cab to head to the airport...all of our faces juz turned blue and depressed when he left...its juz felt like were 1 man short and his company and jokes were well missed dearly..cobain members will not have some gathering in a while now..all those times of laughters and emo days...weve been through it a lot this sem...watching games over the weekend...having unbelievabletill next sem that near yet so far...

here are some memories this sem for u hari...